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September 21 2013

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The Best Way to Write a Book Report Assignment

Book report writing is a pretty demanding task, especially for students who are poor at reading or who don’t have any interest in reading at all. As the name implies, this assignment requires the writer to give an analytical or descriptive overview of a book or literary piece.

This assignment is pretty common in colleges as it allows teachers to give students a tool through which they can sharpen the skills necessary for effective academic and professional growth. For instance, analytical thinking is pretty necessary in higher education as it helps students with tough academic papers like dissertation or thesis. Likewise, analytical skills are necessary at professional level as well since it assists in making vital decisions or solving tough problems.

Let’s take a look at a brief guideline on how well-analyzed and sound book reports are written:

•  If you are allowed to opt for the book of your choice, then pick out the one you are most interested in reading or simply pick the genre that fits your interest. However, if it is not, then don’t just deem it uninteresting at a first glance. Keep in mind that every topic seems uninteresting initially but as you give it some time, you develop interest in it. So, read a couple of its chapter to get the gist of the plot or read some character sketch to develop the interest.

•  While reading the book note down the important elements as you come across. Take notes of the traits of characters in the book or the theme. Check the writing style or tone of the book and note down your analysis in simple form. Don’t stop taking notes as you progress as it will allow you to keep a record of important things that you can use in the assignment.

•  Start the book report with the introductory paragraph, presenting a description of the main theme of the book. However, the paragraph should be brief and to the point, covering not more than three to four sentences only.

•  In the body paragraphs of the book report you’ll cover and develop different elements of the book such as its plot, settings, tone, characters, etc. while discussing these elements, associate them with your opinion or personal analysis in regards to what you’ve understood about these elements. For instance, while talking about the character, tell the readers why you think the character is portrayed the way it was.

•  The final paragraph of the book, i.e., the conclusion will summarize the entire review of the book. In other words, you must tell the audience the reason why you would or wouldn’t recommend this book to them. However, the recommendation should be unbiased.
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